The Chase

The Chase

The Chase ran on BBC 1 at 8pm on Sunday evenings from 16th July to 3rd September 2006, and from 3rd June to 26th August 2007. 

Set in a market town in Yorkshire, The Chase follows the fortunes of a struggling veterinary practice run by the Williams family.

Series one opens with with George William’s youngest daughter Sarah, making the trip up from London for her Dad’s wedding to his much younger bridge Claudie. She doesn’t expect to stay in Yorkshire, but when George announces that he is going to retire, Sarah’s pregnant sister Anna pleads with Sarah to help her run the practice. Sarah agrees, but finds it difficult living at home again, not least because she knows about Tom’s infidelity with one of the surgery nurses Fiona – something that she has never told her sister Anna. 

Also working at The Chase is Rick’s rather officious wife Deborah, who is turning a blind eye to her husband’s obvious soft spot for surgery nurse Clare. Her best friend and colleague Matt meanwhile is immediately taken with Sarah who has her own romantic dilemma when confronted by local farmer and old flame Adrian. 

After ending series one on an enormous cliff hanger, series two begins with the staff of the The Chase stunned by the unexpected death of one of their much loved colleagues. As they all cope with their grief in different ways, life in Oxley goes on, as Claudie’s younger brother and sister arrive on the doorstep and seem set to stay. Anna is still reeling from the discovery of Fiona and Tom’s affair and is contemplating life as a single mother. Coping with hassle and heartache, an unexpected romance is the furthest thing from her mind. Sarah, full of concern for her sister, has delayed her response to Adrian’s marriage proposal. Soon however it is Sarah who needs Anna’s support as a dramatic turn of events renders Sarah vulnerable and at the heart of yet more dangerous secrets.