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Ashley Jensen, Rebecca Front and Mark Stanley lead a star cast for Kay Mellor's 'Love, Lies & Records'

We are so excited to announce the stellar cast of much-loved actors who will be joining us for brand new BBC One drama 'Love, Lies & Records'.

Ashley Jenson (Catastrophe, Ugly Betty, Extras) plays registrar Kate Dickenson as she tries to juggle her personal life with the daily dramas of births, marriages and deaths and the impact they have on her. Joining Ashley Jenson will be Adrian Bower (Granchester, The Last Kingdom), Kenny Doughty (Vera, Stella), Rebecca Front (Doctor Thorne, War & Peace, Humans) and Mark Stanley (Dark River, Dickensian).

Ashley Jensen says: “I have admired and respected Kay's work for a long time and I am thrilled to be playing Kate. Kay's writing is always honest and from the heart. I think that Kay has always managed to tap into issues that are relevant to ordinary peoples everyday lives and with this new show she deals with the major dramatic milestones that affect pretty much all of us.”

Rebecca Front adds: “Births, marriages, deaths. We've all had experience of at least a couple of those. And Kay Mellor's trademark mix of humanity, warmth, drama and intrigue runs right through these scripts. So I'm really excited to be part of it.”

Kay Mellor comments: "When I was waiting to register the death of my mother at Leeds Town Hall, I was next to a couple who were waiting to register the birth of their much wanted baby girl. Later on that week, I attended the wedding of some friends of ours. I realised that the register office was a microcosm of life itself - tears laughter and celebrations. As I sat watching the registrars marry my friends, I started to wonder about their lives and how they dealt with the roller coaster of emotions that they go through on a daily basis. Not long after, a series started to develop in my head. I am delighted to be working with the BBC again on my brand new drama - their support and encouragement is invaluable. I’m also excited about attracting such a talented cast who will give birth to the series.”

Elizabeth Kilgarriff, BBC Executive Producer says: "Kay's scripts are, of course, brilliant - entertaining, funny and moving all at the same time. Together with this exciting cast line-up the show promises to take BBC One viewers on an emotional rollercoaster.”

Love, Lies & Records is a 6 x 60 drama series and has been commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content and Lucy Richer, Former Acting Controller of Drama. The series will be directed by Dominic Leclerc (The A Word, The Syndicate) and Cilla Ware (Silk, Death in Paradise) and produced by Yvonne Francas (Death in Paradise, The Syndicate). The executive producers are Kay Mellor for Rollem Productions and Elizabeth Kilgarriff for the BBC. It is a Rollem production for BBC One and is co-produced with Acorn Media Enterprises in North America. The series will be distributed by all3media International, Rollem Productions international partner. Acorn Media Enterprises also holds distribution rights in UK, Eire and ANZ.

Filming will begin in Leeds in March 2017.

Kay Mellor returns to ITV with brand new series - Girlfriends

Take three women each dealing with major life crises and six part series Girlfriends is born. Linda, Sue and Gail are each pushing 60 and struggling with what life has to throw at them. 

Kay said "I'm delighted that after a long time away I'm once again working for ITV. I love working with Polly Hill; you always feel like her number one writer".

"Girlfriends is a topic that's dear to my heart being a woman of a certain age. I wanted to change things around a bit and put them centre stage - to make the invisible, visible. Linda, Sue and Gail are in the autumn of their lives and in many ways, their lives should be sorted, but instead each year brings another set of problems. There are plenty of secrets, lies and revelations - it's a delicious drama to write and I hope the audience enjoy watching it as much as I'm enjoying writing it."

Filming will commence during the Summer of 2017 in Leeds, York and Harrogate.

Love, Lies and Records – A brand new Kay Mellor drama series

We are excited to announce that Rollem has been commissioned to create a brand new six-part series for BBC One...

Written and created by Kay Mellor, the series follows Registrar Kate Dickinson as she juggles her personal life with the daily dramas of working in a busy Register Office in Leeds.

Kay Mellor said: “I’m so delighted to be doing a new series for the BBC. Of course I’d love to do another series of ‘In The Club’ and ‘The Syndicate’ but they are on hold for now.”

Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content said: “The genius that is Kay Mellor puts one woman at the centre of her new BBC One series, and brilliantly captures contemporary British life as she juggles a complex personal life with a world of births, marriages and deaths.

Kay added: “It’s lovely to be working on a fresh idea and I’ve got all the support from the BBC.” 

Filming will begin in 2017, in and around Leeds.


Are you missing your weekly fix of 'In The Club'? You can now buy Series 2 or the Series 1 & 2 boxset on DVD... 

'In The Club' Series 2 and Series 1 & 2 boxset - On sale now!

'In The Club' Series 2 and Series 1 & 2 boxset - On sale now!


Another one is on the way. 'In The Club' is back in production with a second series...

Another one is on the way… In The Club is back in production! It’s 10 months on and all our couples return. The new series brings more secrets, heartbreak, comedy for our characters as they spill out of the world of pregnancy and into the reality of parenthood. But for some of them, the journey is about to start all over again… but for who? All the questions and secrets from series one are waiting to be revealed and there are some new characters with their own stories to be told… 

The Syndicate - Episode 6 on 7th July 9pm BBC One

It’s the day of Hazelwood Manor’s grand opening. Godfrey has a meticulous tick list of the day’s timings, but has time run out for Amy. With wounded Nick’s revelation that Spencer Cavendish was the last person seen dragging Amy away from his caravan, ringing in Dawn’s ears, she asks Sean to take her to Spencer’s yacht to get some answers. When the crafty cad surfaces with scratches on his face, suspicions rise - perhaps he does have more than just Dom Perignon on board? Meanwhile Lord Hazelwood has to convince Julie to confess all to Sarah or they risk losing everything. Has winning fourteen and a half million enriched our Syndicate’s life? Have they bought into a world of worry or will they live happily ever after as Lords and Ladies of their manor?   

The Syndicate - Episode 5 on 30th June 9pm BBC One

As the clock ticks for Amy’s safe return it poses more questions, secrets and revelations for our Lottery winners. But will time reveal ‘Who shot nasty Nick?’ - it seems there’s more than one suspect that could have gunpowder on their hands! As renovations for Hazelwood Manor’s kitchen and gardens begin, Godfrey has a burning question for his girlfriend Wendy. Lady Hazelwood tries desperately to repair her crumbling marriage, but are her affections as fake as the paintings? A trip to the bank brings more heartache for Dawn and when wannabe lovers Sarah and Sean turn detective, they unravel more evidence than they were hoping for. Shockwaves swell through the Hazelwood household, leaving Lady Hazelwood and Spencer reeling. Meanwhile Lord Hazelwood receives a piece of information that will change his life.

The Syndicate - Episode 4 on 23rd June 9pm BBC One

Syndicate-S3-2(web) - sam, lord and lady interior tuesdays .jpg

Diabetic Amy Stevenson is still missing and things are not looking good. Her mother Dawn is in hospital with a threatened miscarriage and her flaky, fairground boyfriend is answering questions down the nick. The hunt is gathering momentum and finding Amy alive is on the top of our lottery winner’s wish list. Upstairs Lord Hazelwood is hell bent on protecting his assets from his duplicitous wife and artful stepson Spencer. The power of attorney must be revoked, if the estate is to stay in the Hazelwood family and with The Syndicate, but whom can the Lord trust? Celebrations bring more revelations about Lady Hazelwood’s loyalty, Julie speaks her mind and the Americans make Lord Hazelwood an offer he can't possibly refuse. More uncertainties lay ahead for our millionaires and hidden belongings bring about questions. It seems not only Sean McAdams has skeletons in his cupboard.

The Syndicate - Episode 3 on 16th June 9pm BBC ONE

Its four days since Amy went missing and after the discovery of her bloody apron on the moorland and new leads heading nowhere, Dawn is struggling to cope. When a journalist brings new information to light, a furious Andy decides to take the investigation into his own hands. With Sean leaving Hazelwood for good, Sarah struggles with her emotions and tries to convince him to stay. But after doing the press conference he’s in a hurry to leave and he won’t tell her why. As his past catches up with him the syndicate are shocked to discover Sean’s not all that he seems. Meanwhile the staff’s bid for Hazelwood Manor comes under threat as Lady Hazelwood and Spencer try to stop them and the reality of the forged paintings starts to unravel. 

The Syndicate - Episode 2 on Tuesday 9th June 9pm BBC ONE

Syndicate-S3-3(web) D+D writing tuesday.jpg

With Amy still missing, a devastated Dawn and Andy call in the police and the investigation into her disappearance gets underway. DI Baker and DS Houghton want to talk to the last person to see Amy and all eyes turn to Godfrey. The syndicate can’t believe he has anything to do with Amy’s disappearance, but as the events of last night begin to unfold, questions and suspicions over his condition and past behavior start to creep into their minds. Is Godfey as harmless as he seems? Meanwhile Lord Hazelwood’s health takes a turn for the worse and he asks Julie and Sarah for their help. But with Lady Hazelwood and Spencer pushing to sell Hazelwood to the Americans, are they too late to help him? 

The Syndicate 3 - Starts Tuesday 2nd June 9pm BBC ONE

It’s all hands on deck for the staff of Hazelwood Manor in Scarborough as the Americans arrive for the annual shoot. It’s been years since they last came to Hazelwood and cook JULIE, housekeeper SARAH, cleaner DAWN, gamekeeper SEAN and gardener GODFREY are struggling to keep up appearances on a shoestring budget. But with Lord Hazelwood’s health failing and mounting debts of 6.5 million and counting, is there more to the visit that first meets the eye? The future of Hazelwood and their jobs looks in jeopardy as the staff discover the Americans are there for business rather than pleasure. But high functioning Asperger’s Godfrey thinks he has the answer to all their problems. He been working on a formula to crack the lottery for years and this time he’s sure he’s finally worked it out. He knows the winning numbers - Fourteen and a half million would surely solve all their problems... 

The Syndicate 3 hits your screens... 

The third series of The Syndicate starts 9pm Tuesday 2nd June on BBC One. 

Starring Lenny Henry (Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban), Elizabeth Berrington (Trying Again), Anthony Andrews (The King’s Speech), Sam Phillips (In The Flesh), Cara Theobold (Downton Abbey), Melanie Hill (Cilla) and Richard Rankin (The Crimson Field)... amongst others! 

In The Club - Series 2 conceived.


Rollem have been commissioned to create a second series of In The Club...

Kay Mellor said: “I’m absolutely delighted for Rollem to be commissioned to produce a second series of In the Club for BBC One. On a personal note, the whole experience from script to screen was such a positive one for me. It’s going to be a bit of a juggling process as I’d love to bring all the characters back but I also want to introduce some new stories. One thing’s for sure, I can’t wait to start the whole process again.”

Charlotte Moore added: “BBC One viewers really took the characters to their hearts and it was exciting to see the show build across the six episodes. Kay Mellor’s story about a group of pregnant women celebrated life in all its joy and tragedy and I’m looking forward to the delivery of series two.”

Filming will resume in Leeds in 2015 for the 6x60-minute episodes for BBC One.

The Syndicate 3 - Coming soon to BBC One.

Who will the 'lucky' winners be this time?

Filming has begun in Yorkshire on the third series of the critically acclaimed, hugely popular BBC One drama The Syndicate, written by Kay Mellor OBE, creator of Band Of Gold, Fat Friends, A Passionate Woman and In The Club.