Students Sharon and Maxine are celebrating the end of their exams. When they have a chance meeting in a VIP room with star footballer Jamie Gilliam, the consequences are explosive.

After a night out on the town with her college friends, second time student Maxine Norris is shocked when fellow student, single mother and part time lap dancer Sharon Harrison tells her that she thinks she might have been drug raped by Mansfield City’s star player Jamie Gilliam. Maxine thinks she’s making it up until Sharon asks her to go to the police with her.

When interviewed by the police Jamie Gilliam admits to having had sex with Sharon, but emphatically denies any question of rape, she was consenting; in fact it was her that made a play for him. The club try to play down the allegation, maintaining that the players consistently have to deal with people accusing them of things they haven’t done simply because they're in the public eye.  Mansfield City can’t afford anymore negative publicity with the first division play off final taking place. They are already dealing with a court case against black footballer Rowan Angelis accused of grievous bodily harm.

When Maxine discovers that Sharon has dropped the case against Jamie Gilliam she becomes suspicious and confides in her aunt, Linda Norris, who is also the barrister defending Angelis. Believing that Sharon may have been bought off by the club Maxine and Linda decide to confront her. Sharon confirms their suspicions – she did accept a payment from the club. What chance did she have in court as a lap-dancer and an unmarried mother? Her drug test came back negative, so there was no forensic evidence to support her story. 

Maxine decides to find out the truth about Jamie. When Mansfield City throw a charity auction to enhance their public profile, Maxine seizes her chance, blagging her way in as a guest of her aunt. Joining Jamie for a drink in a private members club, she thinks her drink had been spiked. In a panic she rings Linda who jumps in her car to come to her rescue but runs a red light and is pulled over by the police. Linda is breathalysed, and charged with drink driving.

Maxine meanwhile, realises her drink is actually safe, and is charmed by the handsome Jamie.  She doesn’t understand her friend’s allegations, and is swept away by Jamie’s high profile as a Premiership player. Maxine starts to date Jamie and moves in with him. When they return from a romantic holiday she is confronted by Linda. Maxine explains to Linda that Jamie hadn’t drugged her in fact he was really lovely. Jamie told her that it was Sharon who came onto to him and she now believes that Sharon only made the allegation in order to blackmail the club. Linda, conversely, tells Maxine that she now believes that Sharon could have been telling the truth even though her drug test came back negative. She’s discovered that their is a date rape drug called GHB that can leave your system in just twelve hours, so it wouldn’t have shown up in Sharon’s tests.

When Maxine finds a video in Jamie’s house of Sharon dancing in the lap dancing club her suspicions are aroused. She confronts Jamie when he returns from playing a match.  Annoyed that Maxine is questioning him, and trying to cover his tracks, Jamie tries to spike her drink. Maxine catches him at it, and starts to see Jamie for what he really is, finally realising that Sharon was telling the truth.


Sharon Harrison – Christine Termarco

Maxine Norris – Claire Goose

Jamie Gilliam – Kenny Doughty

Harry Boothroyd – John Benfield

Linda Norris – Kay Mellor


Kay Mellor


Pippa Cross


Douglas Mackinnon